Incorrect syntax near 'PIVOT' - SQL Compatibility level
09 Jul 2010 11:48 AM
    Incorrect syntax near 'PIVOT'. You may need to set the compatibility level of the current database to a higher value to enable this feature.

    If you receive this error while installing or upgrading the module, this means your site is not using SQL Server 2005/2008 or the compatibility level of your SQL Server Database is not set to 2005/2008 compatibility mode.

    If possible, please revert to a backup of your database prior to the upgrade/installation, change the compatibility level to the correct setting, and attempt the installation/upgrade again.

    To change the compatibility level, you can run this script from the DNN Host SQL menu:

    EXEC sp_dbcmptlevel {dbname}, 90;

    Where {dbname} is the name of the database that contains your site. Put a check in the "Run as Script" box.

    You can also change the compatibility level in SQL Server Management Studio:

    1. Right click on the database
    2. Select Properties
    3. Click Options
    4. Change the "Compatibility Level" drop-down

    If you do not have a recent backup, you will need to change the compatibility level and then run all the installation scripts manually from the DNN host SQL menu.

    Please create a backup of your database before you continue.

    To run the scripts manually, extract the contents of the .zip file you downloaded from our website. The files all have the .sqlDataProvider file extension and should be opened with notepad. If you just installed the module for the first time, start with the very first script. If you are upgrading, start with the file from the version directly following the previously installed version.

    Open each file in notepad, copy the entire contents and then paste them into the DNN Host SQL menu.
    Click "Run As Script" then click execute.
    You must perform this task with each file, one at a time.
    After the final script has been completed restart the application from the Host Settings menu.
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