12 May 2010 11:52 AM
    Groups in Active Social allow users to find others with similar intrests.
    1. Visit the Groups page to browse and join groups.
    2. Select a category from the column on the left to see only groups from that category.
    3. Click “Join Group” to become a member of a group.
    4. Once you have joined a group, it will appear in your “My Groups” box under your profile picture and under the “Groups” tab on your profile page.
    5. Click on a group name or picture to view the group page.
    6. Click “Leave Group” if you wish to remove yourself as a member of that group.
    7. Click “Subscribe” to receive email notifications for the group’s journal activities.
      • Select the items for which you want a notification and click “Save.”
    8. Click the Activity tab to post status updates, links, photos, files and more on the journal. The creator of a group can post status updates either as him/herself or as the group.
      • See Profile for more information about journal postings.
    9. Click the Members tab to view all group members.
    10. Click on the Discussions tab to view the group’s social forum. See Community for more information about social forums.
    11. Click on the Photos tab to view the group’s photo gallery.
      • Only group members can create albums and add photos.
      • Only administrators or the creator of an album can edit photos.
      • See Photos for more information on creating albums and adding photos.
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