Custom Properties for Social Groups - FAQ
16 Jun 2010 05:30 PM
    • How are Default Group Properties different from Group Defined Properties?
    • Default Group Properties are created by the site admin and are available to all groups.  Group Defined Properties are unique to each group and can be created by the group or site admin.
    • Can Default Group Properties be defined based upon group type or categories?
    • At this time, All Default Group Properties that have been defined will be available to all groups.
    • Where is the data stored for custom properties for each group?
    • The data for each custom property is stored as an XML file in the GroupData column of the activesocial_Groups table.
    • Can the custom property data be altered by directly accessing the database?
    • Currently, managing group property data through the Active Social interface is the only supported method.
    • Can the value that is displayed for a custom property be customized?
    • Yes.  In addition to using standard CSS, Active Social allows for the creation of custom output controls that can created using HTML or Javascript.
    • Can the control or input field used for capturing the value of a custom property be customized?
    • Yes.  However, the amount of customization will vary for each data type.  For example, the XML data type offers the most flexibility, but also requires advanced knowledge of HTML and Javascript.  The Yes/No data type is less flexible but can be easily customized without any knowledge of html using the associated View and Edit controls that are provided as selections.
    • The ability to allow Group Admins to define their own custom group properties very useful, but how can the property displayed within the GroupView template?
    • Check back tomorrow
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