Group Options
21 Sep 2010 02:59 PM


    Categories are used to classify your groups. You define categories on the Design page of the control panel, and they appear in the "Available" list here. You can click them to add them to the selected box. These categories can be used to filter the group directory or otherwise arrange the groups. Categories are different that group types. A group can belong to multiple categories and/or a single group type.

    Group Forums

    Use this menu to enable forums for your groups. These forums will show up on the group profile. These forums will also show up in an Active Forums module of your choice. The Link Forum button allows you to add one of your existing forums to the group. You should not use the default 'General Discussion' forum generated by Active Social in conjunction with an existing forum. You must choose to use one or the other.


    You can use this menu to view member information and remove them from the group.
    • Add Member – Clicking this button brings up a menu where you can select a specific member to add to the new group.
    • Import Role – This allows you to add all the members of a particular role to the group.
    Statistics The statistics section shows information pertaining to the group and group activity. There are three different columns which represent different time frames.
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