Control Panel - Groups
21 Sep 2010 02:46 PM
    The groups tab allows you to view and edit all the user created groups on your network. You can also create new groups from this menu. Clicking the name of any of the existing groups will allow you to change settings for that individual group. You can also click the word [edit] on the right side.
    To create a new group, Click "Create New Group", and enter the following information:
    • Group Name – The group's display name.
    • Group Admin – The user in charge of maintaining the group.
    • Date Created – The time and day the group was formed. This will be entered automatically.
    • Date Updated – States the last time information about the group was changed. This will be entered automatically.
    • Access Type – Open, Closed, or Private. Open means any user on the network can join or leave. Closed means that other users can see the group, but must be invited to participate. Private is invitation only.
    • Group Type – Specify the type of group. You will need to create Group Types on the Global Group Settings page before you can select a type.
    • Status – If your network requires group approval, then this will display whether the group has been approved or not.
    • Linked Roles – Select a role from the drop down. Users who join the group will be added to these roles. The roles can be used to control permissions for the forums and other parts of your website.
    • Website, Address, Region/State, Postal Code - Various details about the group.
    • Vanity Name – The short name for the group that you want to appear in the URL. Will only show up if you have vanity URL's enabled.
    • Featured - Adding a check to this box will place the group at the top of the Group Directory list.
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