How to create custom ranks for forum administrators.
31 Oct 2008 02:10 PM
    The points system in Active Forums is a great way to encourage user activity. It’s also a way to recognize the most helpful and active users. However, people have been asking how to set it up so that administrators and moderators are not listed as “new members.” I’ll try to give a step by step process to set up a custom rank, complete with a custom image, which you can give to special users.

    First, you must make sure that you have the Points System enabled in the Community Settings. Feel free to assign different point values to the actions here. Anyways, assuming you have the Points System configured how you want it, click on the Ranks button at the top:

    Here you can see a list of your current ranks, but we’re interested in making a special one, so click “New Rank Level.” A small box will pop up and you will need to enter the info for your new rank.

    Here is an example of what I entered:

    Before this step, I added a custom .gif image to my DesktopModules/ActiveForums/ranks/ folder. I was then able to select my image (crown.gif) from the drop down list. Also you’re going to want to set the min points to be something a normal user will never reach, and the max points something a mod will never reach. This will depend on your forum’s level of activity, but just choose something really high. Once you get the desired settings, click “Save” and your new rank will show up in the list.

    The new rank exists, but how do we earn that many points? Easy… we cheat! Exit the control panel and click the My Profile link in the toolbar.

    Even if you have profiles disabled, you should still be able to click the Administrator Settings tab.

    On this tab, you will need to type the minimum point setting you used for your custom rank into the Reward Points box. This number gets added onto your legitimate point count, artificially boosting you into the new rank’s range.

    At this point, everything should be good to go; but to further customize this, we could edit the PostInfo template. Go back into the Control Panel, and click the Template Button. Find the PostInfo template: 

    Here is what I have on my template, but you can customize this however you wish. 

     I would probably delete POSTCOUNT or POINTCOUNT, because having both might be confusing. Also realize that MODIPADDRESS is only visible to admins. It’s the ::1 on my PostInfo: 

    Good Luck,
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