AF 3.5 - What are templates?
02 Nov 2005 02:04 PM
    ActiveForums 3.5 allows you to control the layout for the three main views within the module.  These views are detailed below:

    Common Name: Forum View Topics View  Topic View
    Default File: ForumView.txt TopicsView.txt TopicView.txt
    Template UI Type: UI:ForumView UI:TopicsView UI:TopicView

    The default templates are stored in DesktopModules\NTForums\Templates

    Templates are similar to Web User Controls (ASCX), but they make it easier for users to customize without programming by using replacement tokens ([TOKEN]).  Each view has it's own set of tokens that can be used within the template.  A template can contain tokens, text, html and ASP.NET web controls.

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